At Gaia Capital Management, Inc. we set a high standard for integrity and pledge to always act in your highest interest.

We guide you to your investment destination through a partnership of trust and cooperation, setting forth a vision steeped in sound policy and judgment.

We grow your investment wealth by compounding the dividends and interest of income securities and the market value gains of great cash flow generators such as those favored by Warren Buffet. We will succeed if our work provides you with a high, sustainable and growing income in every season of life.

Feel free to navigate our site from our mission through services and fees and read our commentaries listed in Viewpoint. We feel you will like what you see, whether you are retired seeking income or working to grow your wealth.

~ New & Noteworthy ~

New Article! Saturday's With Jim
Saturday's With Jim are client communications on market and investment issues. You can view recent articles on the Viewpoint page.

May 18, 2019: The Greatest Shortcoming Of The Human Race Has Investment Implications

Pursestrings is a new client communication piece we have developed, which is geared more for participants of retirement plans. Select articles are available on our Viewpoint page.

April 24, 2019: The Onus Of Caring For Ourselves Is On Us

July 22, 2019: Our current Privacy Policy document is available online! It is also available on our About Us page.

March 25, 2019: Company Brochure, ADV Part 2A for Registered Investment Advisers. Primarily a regulatory document, this brochure contains key details about our operations. It has been updated with our most recent information and is also available on our About Us page.

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